The vast majority of fishing done on our charters is flats and back country inshore fishing.  Flats fishing is done in shallow water or flats.  This style of fishing is a great way to target shallow water species such as redfish and trout.  While flats fishing you either anchor up and wait for the fish to come to you or you stock them and sight cast to them.  Both methods are great fun because when you hook a fish in shallow water they usually go crazy.  Also it is an awesome sight to actually see the fish eat the bait or lure you presented to them. 
       The other style of fishing is back country fishing.  This style of fishing is done fishing the many mangrove covered shore lines and islands and exploring the many creeks and rivers.  This usually involves covering  as much shore line as possible to find the prime spot to fish.  This style of fishing usually results in snook, reds, trout, sheepshead, black drum and snapper.
            This style of fishing is great fun.  Book a trip and find out first hand.  


Capt. Todd Wynn

Fishing  Information


Saltwater Fishing Regulations

-Not less than 28" or
more than
-In season from September 1st-December 15th
-Limit one per person per day
-Not less than 18" or
more than 27"
-Always in season
-Limit one per person per day

-No size limitations
-No closed season
-Limit 2 per person per day with proper license

Spotted Sea Trout
-Not less than 15" or
more than 20"
-In season all months
except February
-Limit 4 per person per day

-At least 12"
-No closed season
-Limit 10 per person per day

Black Drum
-Not less than 14" or
more than 24"
-No closed Season
-Limit 5 per person per day
(one of which is allowed to be over 24")

-Not less than 12"
-No closed Season
-Limit 15 per person per day

Mangrove Snapper
-Not less than 10"
-No closed Season
-Limit 5 per person per day

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