Capt. Todd Wynn
 Fishing Charlotte Harbor, Boca Grande, Cayo Costa, Captiva, Sanibel, as well as the Myakka River and Peace River.

Limitless Charters
Charlotte Harbor
Pine Island Sound


Captain Todd Wynn was born and raised in Florida.  Fishing has played a major role in his life even starting at a young age.  He spent his time plying the local waters learning everything he could about the wild life, the ecosystem, the various habitats, and the many different fishing techniques.  Captain Todd became a captain in 2010, becoming an inshore fishing guide.  He started his business, Limitless Charters LLC, accomplishing a life long goal of becoming a fishing guide.  Let him show the Florida he knows and loves so well.

Limitless Charters prides its self in providing a great inshore  fishing experience for its clients.  We specialize in inshore fishing in the Charlotte Harbor and Pine Island Sound areas.  This area consist of the Myakka and Peace Rivers to the north, the main body of Charlotte Harbor as well as the outer islands. To the south is Pine Island sound.  These areas are world renowned for fishing for many species.  Some of the famous areas are Boca Grande, Sanibel, Captiva, and many more.  Come book a trip and find out why these areas are so famous.

Limitless Charters
  Limitless Charters uses a 2012 Tidewater Carolina Bay 2000, matched with an F150 Yamaha fourstroke outboard. It is equiped with a minnkota 80lb. thrust trolling motor, a Huminbird 597 ci HD fishinder GPS combo, as well as all the propper safety gear.
Placida, Boca Grande, Charlotte Harbor, Myakka River, and Peace River
Sanibel, Captiva, Cayo Costa, and Pine Island
Tide Water Boats
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